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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Most of my post here is about how I've been away for so long and wished I updated more often hahah whoops. I'm not sure who still reads blogs nowadays but I still do. I love the idea of documentation and remembering things. Although I haven't been posting as much anywhere, I'm kinda still the same person. Some have assumed that I stop photographing or that I'm not living in Singapore things like that. I'm still here ( hellooo! )

The year has been a challenging one but I'm thankful for where I'm at now. Everything that I'm typing right now might not make any sense cause they're all in parts but I'll try my best to kinda relook the year and probably share more photos I hope. Here's one from the start of the year :-)

Thursday, 28 June 2018

A Year Later

Almost forgot that this space existed. I read my previous post and it's always about the lack of updating and I guess that never improved. I think I grew older and just became bad at updating about my life. But to all that is still reading this, yes I still love and am doing photography :') 

& thank you for still being here

I guess it's really just a part of me that I can never let go off. Be it making photos for myself or for others. I'm happy to say that it still brings me lots of joy and motivation. Oh anyways featuring my latest pre wedding shoot I did overseas. It was such an amazing experience and I hope to share them here with you all.  Although if you want to see them now you can probably head over to Hosin's FB she has most of it up there. We did my second overseas shoot with them in China and Taiwan, loved every bit of it. Thank you both once again for making our time such a unforgettable one. 

I love the idea of traveling with a purpose. When we were there, we met up with their families and went to their homes. It was so heart warming and different from let's say a holiday. Holidays aren't bad but it's just I haven't been on one for awhile for myself. In a few days time my friends are actually coming all the way from Spain to Singapore and I absolutely can't wait. Although I'm just so so tired in my body, deep inside I'm so excited to pick them up at the airport and officially start my little break in July. Ok enough of this random ramblings it's bed time and yay it's almost Friday!

To anyone out there, hope you're having a great weeeeeeek

Friday, 10 February 2017

It's been a long long longggg while since I typed here. It's like 2am now and all the sudden I remember the existence of my blog and here I am now trying to type some random gibberish. It's abit late for 2017 goal setting and honestly I don't have any "goals" to meet but I do know that I want to document more about random things in life. I mean I already do but they're mostly on my phone but I shall TRY to photograph with my camera. Hahaha now I'm worried saying things on the internet. Please don't hold it against me if I get lazy again but yes I will try. Oh and that's Natalia <3 I will upload more pictures soon and talk more about this shoot in another post. My hard disk is in a huge mess so I'll try to sort my life out in general and put things up here again. 

To anyone that is still reading 
Hello again :-)

Friday, 14 October 2016

Hahahahah this makes me so so happy really. When people are really happy and having fun, it makes you feel the same somehow :')